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Portable line boring is a process by which very heavy machinery - too heavy or too costly to move to a machine shop - can be repaired in the field, restoring bearing bores and pin IDs (inside diameters), and virtually any ID/OD to factory specifications. It’s also an excellent method for new manufacturers in semi-production plants to bore almost any size bore, at any angle, to very close tolerances.

This is a diversified method of precision boring. It is fast and precise, and when combined with precision honing, the degree of accuracy gives superior results. The onsite repair capability saves expensive down time and transportation costs. These advantages make precision line boring very cost-effective.


In new product production or repair, you will be able to set up and quickly produce very large cuts. For example, in the first pass through a heavy welded inside diameter, a cut of 1.000” total stock removal through a multiple of 4 IDs, 6.750” in diameter, each 4” long, using a hand-feed system allowing the feel of the cut, the typical time for each pass averaged about ten minutes.

At this rate, it will take only forty minutes to remove 1/2‖ per side or 1.000” total stock from a bore 16” long. That’s remarkable boring!

You will be able to produce multiple series of inline bores within .001” positioning tolerance with multiple bore locations. A gear train is an excellent example of this type of precision line boring.

Used properly, portable precision line boring can eliminate the need for boring mills to bore inside diameters. It is less expensive and faster than any other method for repairing very large machinery. Example: A machine 8’ wide × 20’ high × 60’ long required restoration of four bores with inside diameters of 13”, each 3” deep, matched to identical bores 44’ apart. This is just average line boring, and there’s very good money to be made in such precision line boring.

An end-boring machine is set up at one end of a bore, reaching into the bore from one side, and boring without any support bearings to stabilize the spindle. They are very heavy-duty machines, and will perform for many years. LBW’s Machines can bored very large inside diameters where line boring would be impossible.

Line boring is a specialized engineering process that is used to make precision bores or holes on various parts of the machine as required. Many times bores have to be repaired or bored in another part of the machine as the case may be. In a manufacturing process, when repair is required in machine bores, it is not only time consuming and tedious to remove the machine and send it for maintenance but also very expensive considering the down time and the wear and tear during dismantling and reinstallation. Line boring engineers who specialize in this field take up the job of maintenance on site without dismantling the machine.

Many times in stationery machines large parts such as diesel engine bedplates, cylinder blocks, steam, gas and hydro casings, stator frames, coupling hole aligning and line boring and other major items of plant get worn out or damaged and require repair. Line engineers can take up such jobs and repair the damaged bore by using portable boring and facing equipment and their skill. The time saved clearly compensates for the cost of calling in the engineers to conduct the repairs at the site.

On site engineers can be called in for planned maintenance as well as emergency repairs as the case may be and this practice is becoming more and more popular because of the many advantages that it offers in comparison to the traditional method of removing the damaged part and sending it for repair. Most good on site engineers have very good quality portable machinery and other equipment that can be carried on-site where the maintenance has to be carried out. Also, the engineering personnel is trained and experienced to carry out successfully, different kinds of difficult line jobs.

Many big industrial sectors where on site boring is undertaken are power generation, shipping, on and off-shore, steel, paper, food processing, general heavy engineering companies and countless others. All these industries have benefitted greatly by using these expert and specialized technique of on- site maintenance such as boring, crankshaft polishing, journal grinding etc. as these are found to extend the life of the machines and reduce breakdowns and also save time and money on the whole.

The important issue about on-site maintenance is finding the right company that offers these specialized services since it is crucial that they have the appropriate portable machinery.

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